Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

The Holiday Season is not typically your first choice when it comes to choosing a time to put your home on the market. However, sometimes other circumstances dictate when you have to sell your home, like moving for a job. Some people actually see the benefit of selling their home during the holidays – competition is usually lower, for example. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself putting your home on the market this Holiday season, here are some tips to achieve and quick and stress-free sale.

Scale Back Your Holiday Decorating

If you typically go all out when decking your halls, consider keeping it simple if you’re trying to sell your home. While most buyers would enjoy seeing some Holiday cheer in a potential home, they’ll have a hard time seeing some of your home’s best features if they’re obscured by decorations. For example, don’t cover your living room windows with an oversized Christmas tree if that’s the main source of natural light in that room. Similarly, don’t hide a beautiful fireplace under mounds of garland and stockings.

Appeal to Buyers Before They Step Inside

Curb appeal is still important, even if landscaping is covered in snow. As with indoor decorating, keep outdoor Holiday decorations tasteful and simple. Elegant icicle lights and a festive door wreath say “welcome” without making your home look like the North Pole. Make sure to keep your walkways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice too. You certainly don’t want buyers to associate your home with a bad fall on an icy driveway.

Work With Your Agent

Your agent will help you make the best first impression with your home. Listen to them! They know what it takes to get a home sold, and if they recommend professional staging or decluttering, take their recommendations to heart. They are here to help you get your home sold efficiently, and for the best price. They are on your side!

Your agent may also recommend a virtual view tour of your home, in addition to high-quality professional photos. If you have a virtual tour available, it can help cut down in-person showings to only those buyers who are seriously interested. Showings during the Holidays can be intrusive, so minimizing the number of people coming through your home can keep the stress low, especially when you’re juggling lots of extra commitments.

Selling your home during the Holidays might seem like poor timing, but it can work to your advantage. With fewer homes on the market, yours will get more attention and can fetch a higher sale price as a result. Your agent can advise you on all of the pros and cons of selling during the Holiday season and help you manage the process from start to finish. You can have an easy sale, enjoy your Holiday season, and start the new year in a new home!